OS/2 Computing - WebExplorer Organizer Review

[ OS/2 Computing! Magazine - August 5, 1996 Volume 1 - Number 3 ]

WebExplorer Organizer v.01.03.03

ONG SoftWare

Shareware: US$15 OS/2 Computing! Editor's Choice

By Ronny Ko

Ong software is truly the innovator in this area of apps designed to help users get a hold of their growing and highly becoming messy bookmark section of Webexplorer.

This a software that every users must have. It is resonably priced. It is very useful and very intuitive.

Some of the features that make it so unique is the one window user interface. This interface is so simple that anyone will become productive immediatly. For example, when the program loads up, it show a split screen. On the left side of the screen is where all links that the user has accumulated is presented. On the right side, it shows the directory where users can create new folders within each one. This means that the folders can be nested within each other.

If the user wants to create a new folder, all he has to do is right mouse click and select to create a new folder. Once it is created, the user can use drag and drop to move the link on the right. And that's it! As many folder can be created by the user.

Once this is done, when the user exits the program, WebExplorer Organizer creates an HTML file inside your TCPIP directory. Inside this file, all your sorted and organized URL's will appear in HTML format. All you have to is when you lauch Webexplorer, the file will be called and displayed when the browser is finished loading.

We did not have many complaints about it; although the help system can be improved and it a little bit behind Innoval's WebExtras in terms of pictures and figures. But the text part is very well written and indexed.

This is the way software should be. Easy and fun to use but highly useful!

Our rating: 9/10

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