Web Organizer User's Comment

Web Organizer User's Comments

I've never before registered a piece of shareware the same day I downloaded it. After installing Web Organizer and messing with it a few minutes, I began to think "Well, I can create those pages in any HTML editor... oh, no, that'd take *forever* and I'd have to *maintain* every last one of them..."

I decided I couldn't do without it. That's pretty unusual for me. Thanks for the great software!

Michael DeBusk, RH

I work with the Internet a few hours a day, every day. My over 1500 Web Sites need to be kept organized on a constant basis in order to be found again in a matter of seconds. Web Organizer helped me solve this problem by allowing me to categorize them in folders and sub-folders easily and rapidly. I now have aver 250 WebPages and sub-Pages available anytime simply by hitting my HomePage icon in Netscape! I can now find anything in a matter of seconds instead of doing a whole new search again. That is what I call productivity!

Web Organizer has all the qualities of the great utilities: it is FAST, SIMPLE and EFFICIENT! Thank You ONG Software!

Michel Ferland
Computer Claims Adjuster
Montreal,Qc CANADA

"WebOrg is indispensable, the most useful tool for those who access the Internet with Warp, either using Netscape or WebExplorer. It's so useful IBM should include it on the next Warp release". Put in few words: "I love it"!

Marcel Leal - Morena FM

WebOrg is another one of the reasons OS/2 is my first choice. It's a fast, easy to learn piece of shareware that does one thing really well, and makes my computer time a lot easier.

Dave Cull

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