News as of August 14, 1997

Latest News as of August 14, 1997

ONG SoftWare's Software Give-Away

ONG SoftWare is giving away a copy of FaxWorks Pro V1.3 for OS/2 w/PCL.

BMT 8th Best Seller for the month of July!

Once again Web Organizer has made the list of Top Ten Best Sellers for BMT Micro. We would like to thank those people who registered Web Organizer in the month of July and made that possible.

E-Mail Forms for Better Support!

We have added two e-mail forms to the Contacting ONG SoftWare page. A Web Page Submittal and Tech Support Message Submittal e-mail form. Use the Web Page Submittal e-mail form to submit web pages to be added to "The Complete OS/2 Links Page!". Use the Tech Support Message Submittal e-mail form to submit a message to ONG SoftWare's Tech Support. Please use these forms as they will allow us to better support you and your request.

Under Development:

ONG Utilities I: We plan another release within a month to fix a few minor bugs and a couple of enhancements.

Web Organizer: This update is taking a little longer then expected. We are trying to add a lot of enhancements you have been asking for. We will release the newest version as soon as possible.

Other: We have some other projects in the works, but no definite plans for any releases at the moment.

The Complete OS/2 Links Page!

"The Complete OS/2 Links Page!" has been updated, there are currently over 535 active OS/2 links. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

New Host

It appears that our new host is as good as they say. Since we moved to our new host, it appears everything is running great. We appreciate your support during this move. Thank you.

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