News as of January 24, 1997

Latest News as of January 24, 1997

Web Organizer V.01.05.05 is Released!!!

Web Organizer was formerly known as WebExplorer Organizer. Explorer was removed from the name to remove its primary association with WebExplorer. Yes, it still supports WebExplorer, but it also supports Netscape/2.

Web Organizer(WebOrg) is a quick and easy tool to organize that growing list of bookmarks for Netscape/2 and WebExplorer.

Web Organizer is a tool with many features to give you the power to quickly organize both Netscape/2's bookmark and WebExplorer's quicklist entries. Once you have organized your bookmarks, Web Organizer will build WebPages that will be used as your HomePage for either Netscape or WebExplorer. By using these WebPages as you HomePage you will have quick access to the web sites you want to visit.

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