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    • Current directory is /pub/BBS/os2

    Hobbes - Directory of /pub/os2
    • Current directory is /pub/os2

    Hobbes Virtual Mirror - Hobbes OS/2 Archive
    • Directory: Root of Hobbes OS/2 Archive

    IBM Internet Source
    • Current directory is /pub

    IBM Software Download FTP Server
    • Current directory is /ps/products/os2

    IBM Support Centers Data Exchange
    • Current directory is /ps/fromibm/os2

    LEO - /pub/comp/os/os2
    • This OS/2 section hosts LEO's original OS/2 archive plus a few mirrors of OS/2 related material originating elsewhere.

    LEO - OS/2 Archive
    • This is the OS/2 archive at (

    Walnut Creek CDROM
    • Welcome to wcarchive - home ftp site for Walnut Creek CDROM.

    Welcome to
    • Welcome to, possibly the best OS/2-related FTP site in existence. This archive is run as a free service by the Department of Computing and Networking at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.

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