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    100% Pure Java Program Home Page
    • Java technology is setting a new standard in cross-platform compatibility. Its "Write Once, Run Anywhere" capability streamlines software development and delivery, saves valuable time and money, and reduces product development cycles dramatically.

    C Styled Script Homepage
    • C Styled Script (CSS) is a powerful and easy PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE available for Windows 9x/NT and OS/2.

    C++ socket classes for OS/2
    • Socket++ is a family of C++ classes that gives the same interface as the iostream classes for input and output for communication between processes.

    Dave Briccetti's OS/2 Warp Programming Tips and Samples
    • Over the years he's developed a nice assortment of programming tips and samples for OS/2, and he plans to gradually publish them here.

    DevBahn - OS/2 Programming Sanctuary
    • Welcome to DevBahn, the OS/2 Programming Sanctuary, where you will eventually find the most complete collection of OS/2 programming resources available anywhere.

    Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (DDK V4.02)
    • WELCOME to IBM's DDK for OS/2 Web Site! If you are a software developer and need help creating an OS/2 device driver, this is the place to start.

    EDM/2 - Timur Tabi's Programming Links
    • A very good list of links to primarily OS/2 related programming web sites.

    Free Pascal - Home Page
    • Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 bit pascal compiler. It is available for different processors (i386+ and 680x0) and operating systems (Linux, DOS,AmigaOS,OS/2,Win32).

    • FreeCode is free code originating from JMA. It consists of products they have choosen (for various reasons) to release the source code to, their libraries of PM and textmode functions (C/C++) and old code that they no longer use.

    • The FreeType engine is a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine. It has been developed to provide TT support to a great variety of platforms and environments.

    GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
    • The GNU Project started in 1984 to develop a complete free Unix-like operating system. Linux-based variants of the GNU system are already widely used; these are often called ``Linux systems''.

    H A C K J A V A
    • The major purpose of this site is to give the Java programming language some power to evolve more quickly, to provide new soluntions and algorithm, to find potentially dangerous elements and constructions.

    Home of the Hello World Device Driver
    • A good page on developing OS/2 device drivers, with many example programs.

    Home Page of Dennis Bareis. This site contains my free PPWIZARD html/rexx generator plus lots more
    • Heaps of free OS/2, (some DOS & NT) software that I have written (not available elsewhere). Also Programmers resources (rexx routines etc).

    IBM Developer's Domain
    • Your home page for Application Development and Object Technology: the latest news and views from IBM and the industry.

    IBM Object REXX homepage
    • Welcome to the IBM homepage for Object REXX. If you want to learn more about object-oriented programming using one of the simplest, most powerful, most popular languages ever made available, you have come to the right place.

    IBM Redbooks - Home Page
    • Redbooks, named for their red covers, are "how to" books, written by very experienced IBM professionals from all over the world.

    IBM Software Installer
    • IBM Software Installer is a powerful and flexible programming tool that can save you time and provide your product's users with an easy and consistent way to install and maintain your applications.

    IBM Software: Application Development and Object Technology
    • IBM's web site with all of their application development products.

    IBM Solution Developer Support Home Page
    • This dynamic, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service is here to provide you with all of the information and services you need to tap into the exploding world of network computing, or e-business.

    IBM VisualAge for Java
    • VisualAge for Java* is the development tool to use when building Java-compatible applications, applets and JavaBean components.

    ICAT OS/2 Remote Source-code Debugger for OS/2
    • This page is set up to deliver feedback, distribute software, and provide general information about the new ICAT (Interactive Code Analysis Tool) OS/2 remote source-code debugger.

    Java SuperStore Homepage
    • From Integrated Development Environments to class libraries to JavaBeans and Active-X migration accesories, Java SuperStore is the one stop source for all your Java development needs .

    JMA Software Technologies - Download
    • Free source code from JMA Software Technologies.

    Liberty BASIC, extrememly easy programming for Windows and OS/2
    • If you've ever programmed in any flavor of BASIC, Liberty BASIC will be a cinch for you. If you've never programmed before, you won't find a language less weighed down in confusing details.

    Obfuscate home page
    • A Java bytecode obfuscator.

    ObfuscatePro home page
    • A Java bytecode obfuscator with exclusion.

    Open Object Library
    • These pages are a result of Jan-Helge Bergesen wanting to use the library. He was browsing around in the (beta) source to find out what was what, and then he found DOC++ wich simplified the job.

    OS/2 Applications, Programming, and Links - Phil Crown
    • Cubus C++ OS/2 Class Library v1.50 Freeware!

    PolyEx Software Homepage
    • Wordup Graphics Toolki/2 Developer Toolkit.

    Quarter Horse Online
    • Want to learn how to be a more effective OS/2 programmer? You've come to the right place! This is the home page for Quarter Horse Software & Publications and lists our current projects.

    • The Rexx Language Association is an independent organization dedicated to promoting the use of the Rexx programming language. Join today!

    SCLA Homepage
    • Simple Class Link Architecture (SCLA) is a method for linking C++ classes between host and client modules at run time. With the use of self-registering client modules, hosts are able to load client modules which contain various C++ SCLA classes.

    Simplicity for Java Homepage
    • Simplicity for JavaTM lets you focus on designing great Java applets and applications without worrying about the details of the Java language. Homepage
    • Information and tools for software developers.

    The Java Lobby
    • The Java Lobby is a group of people who share a common interest in Java software development and the advancement of Java standards and software.

    The Open Objects Library - Documentation
    • The Open Objects Library (OOL) is a C++ library wich contains classes for GUIs, datatypes, multimedia and more. To use OOL it is an advantage if you have some experiance in programing using class-librarys and/or OS/2-API functions.

    The Rexx Language
    • Welcome to the Rexx Language page at IBM Hursley. This page links to documents relating to the Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx programming languages, gleaned from many sources.

    Welcome to NetBeans
    • Free NetBeans Developer 2.0 Beta Download: NetBeans Developer 2.0 is here. And for a limited time, it's free. This is the Java IDE of the future - you've never seen anything like it. Written in pure Java, NetBeans Developer 2.0 will run on any Java.

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