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    Les Utilisateurs d'OS/2 de Montreal OS/2 Users Group
    • A OS/2 User Group.

    Online OS/2 SIGs/UGs Worldwide
    • Hey you! Just started using OS/2, and having problems? Want to share ideas and experiences with other OS/2 users? There's strength in numbers, so why not try an OS/2 usergroup?

    OS/2 User Group Officer's Discussion Forum
    • View the discussion database entries.

    OS/2 User Groups
    • International OS/2 User Groups.

    The International OS/2 User Group
    • The International OS/2 User Group was formed in 1987 and is dedicated to promoting the exchange of vital information between OS/2 users.

    Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education
    • Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education, organized in 1997 as a non-profit virtual on-line user group which was formed by a small group of OS/2 users united with a common goal for the advancement of OS/2.

    • This page is the beginning of a growing home page for an event that is being planned for the OS/2 community at large. The event is planned to provide a showcase for products and the technical exchange of information regarding OS/2.

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