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Technical Assistance:

    A Simple Guide to Mesa 2
    • Welcome! He hopes to guide you through the world of Mesa 2 for OS/2. Mesa 2 is a spreadsheet for OS/2. For die-hard OS/2 bigots who care about development and support, it is arguably the spreadsheet for OS/2.

    Applying Service to OS/2 Warp
    • He has not been able to develop a technique for completely avoiding these chores, but He hopes this document will help other users get some of them done a little faster, and with fewer complications.

    AWE64 / OS/2 Warp How-To
    • Setting up the AWE64 in OS/2.

    Configuring Lotus Notes Mail
    • Lotus Notes Mail 4.1 has been included in the OS/2 Warp 4 package, providing OS/2 users with one of, if not the best messaging client.

    How to get OS/2 and Windows '95 to peacfully co-exist and more
    • How to set up OS/2 and Windows '95 to run in peace and how to make the most out of this setup.

    Installing Winsock Support for Windows
    • This setup will allow you to use Window clients in WIN-OS/2 with Warp 3.0 if you must.

    MP3 Software on OS/2 Warp
    • There are a lot of web pages explaining MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3) files to Windows users, but he has seen none for OS/2. He hopes this page can help fill that gap.

    Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp - plug-ins hints and tips
    • He is starting this list of components both OS/2 and windows 3.1 along with any experiences installing and using them that people care to contribute.

    OS/2 Basics
    • This site is devoted to helping the OS/2 novice through the initial hurdles which frustrate many beginners.

    OS/2 Hardware Compatibility
    • Some OS/2 hardware compatibility information.

    OS/2 Tips and Tricks
    • Tips to get the most out of OS/2.

    OS/2 Warp 4 Installation Notes
    • This document is an attempt to consolidate information related to installing Warp 4 from a variety of sources, as well as offer additional hints and point out some specific problems you may encounter.

    Some fundamental OS/2 concepts
    • The material on this page was written mainly for people who are computer-literate, but who are new to OS/2. It's just possible that expert users will find something new here too.

    Technical Support Page
    • Technical Support Page of OS/2 Software written by Ralf Christen.

    The Best Soundcard With the Best OS
    • The Official Unofficial Guide to Using the Creative Labs AWE32, SB32, and SB16 with OS/2 Warp v3 and Up.

    The OS/2 Helpdesk
    • Welcome to the OS/2 Helpdesk, here you can log your problems, and when someone logs an answer it will be automatically emailed back to you.

    The OS/2 Workbench
    • The Place for OS/2 Technical Assistance.

    The Unofficial Britannica CD for OS/2 Warp v3 Web Site
    • The instructions below outline the steps needed to be taken in order to use the Britannica CD (Windows version) with the OS/2 Warp family of operating systems.

    The Unofficial MD+F WebAK & SX Paint Help Page!
    • Well, it's finally here. Let's call it the first beta of the WebAK and SX Paint help page.

    The Unofficial Warped Thinkpad Page
    • This page is dedicated to Thinkpad users worldwide who are using or planning to install IBM's OS/2 Warp operating system on an IBM Thinkpad. This page is intended to help you solve problems and make the transition to Warp as painless and easy as possible.

    The Warp Pharmacy
    • The Warp Pharmacy has been set up to distill the vast amount of knowledge that exists out there on the Internet about how to install and use Warp into valuable drops of wisdom that are easily digested by the Warp community at large.

    The Win32-OS/2 Project
    • The Win32-OS/2 Project is a collection of tools and DLL's that allow an end-user to convert a Win32 (i.e. Win95/WinNT) program into a native OS/2 program, and then run that program under OS/2 without needing Windows or Win-OS/2 support installed.

    Unofficial WPS Information Site
    • The Work Place Shell, or WPS for short, is the object oriented user interface that has shipped with OS/2 since version 2 (1992?). It is one of the most, if not the most flexible and expandible user interfaces avalible on any computer.

    Useful Info on running Corel's Office for Java under Warp
    • This is still an on-going post of useful tips.

    Voice of OS/2
    • The one-stop repository of information about using your voice enabled modem under OS/2.

    Warp 4 tuning tips
    • It's sad but true ... the installation defaults for OS/2 are set up to emphasize a glossy appearance rather than performance. By changing various parts of the system configuration, you can get a much speedier system.

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