The Complete OS/2 Links Page! - Software Developers

Software Developers:

    "PPWIZARD Preprocessor (powerful and free html/rexx authoring tool)"
    • Free HTML (and rexx, IPF) development tool. Powerful preprocessor with #define, #include, #import (from databases), #AutoTag, #if etc. Text to Html mode. Can develop powerful macros with optional or manditory parameters and conditional logic.

    (the heller company) Digital Photographie Webdesign Webpage Programming
    • The heller company is a provider for all kinds of services concerning Computers, Internet, Photographie, and other special areas of interest.

    40th Floor - Software []
    • Bullet 3.0 is a database engine.

    Adam's OS/2 Software Page
    • INIEdit/2, The Internet Address Book, and Color Directory.

    Agathon, a beginning OS/2 music experience
    • The Agathon PM Synth is a simple tool for playing music on OS/2 Warp. It allows you to play music on your sound card by using the PC keyboard as a MIDI keyboard.

    Alternative Movie Database
    • He has written a local Interface to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for OS/2 and Win32 (Windows32 and Windows NT) called Alternative Movie Database.

    Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2
    • Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2.

    Another OS/2 Home Page
    • Clone Cleaner and Professor Owl.

    Apache for OS/2
    • The primary motivation for this port is to show that OS/2 is a viable and powerful server platform and to promote its use as such. The secondary reason was to have a free industrial strength HTTP server with a growing feature set available to OS/2.

    Araxis Home Page
    • PMdiff 4.0c for OS/2 Warp.

    Arcane Technologies Ltd.
    • The Magician interface is an implementation of OpenGL for Java.

    Audio CD Players for OS/2
    • Welcome to the Web Home Page of CD in a Box and Small CD. These are both Cardware audio CD Players for OS/2. If you like them please send me a Postcard from your home town.

    Barnie's OS/2-Software
    • The Software on this website is Freeware.

    • BBBS is a very powerful BBS system written by two Finnish programmers, namely Kim 'B' Heino ( and Tapani T. 'Z' Salmi. The system has been developed since 1990 and still has a continous developement.

    Binary Newsreader
    • The Binary Newsreader is designed for easy downloading and decoding single- and multipart binary files which are UUE- or BASE-64 (Mime format) encoded from Internet newsgroups.

    Binary Newsreader for OS/2
    • The Binary Newsreader (BNR) is designed for easy downloading and decoding single- and multipart binary files which are UUE- or BASE-64 (Mime format) encoded from Internet newsgroups.

    Black Pine Development
    • lack Pine Development was founded on the premise of providing high Quality OS/2 Software at a reasonable Price!

    BluePaint for OS/2
    • BluePaint (BP) is a freeware paint and animation program for OS/2.

    BMT Micro: CIS/2
    • The Card Inventory System/2 (CIS/2) is an OS/2 application aimed at assisting users in the protection of the valuable cards that they ypically carry, use, or are otherwise financially or personally responsible for.

    BMT Micro: fax 'n copy
    • fax 'n copy turns your scanner, printer and fax modem into a simple fax or copy machine. It uses the interfaces provided by Impos/2 and FaxWorks PRO, therefore there are also some software requirements beside the hardware requirements.

    BMT Micro: File Freedom
    • File Freedom is a fast, very inexpensive, PM file manager with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface. It is written with tight, efficient programming that gives you a very fast file manager that is also small in size.

    BMT Micro: J-POP Server
    • J-POP Server allows remote users to retrieve email from your computer using the standard Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3).

    BMT Micro: OmniBasic
    • OmniBasic is the only truly portable BASIC compiler in the World!

    BMT Micro: REXX Code Formatter
    • REXX Code Formatter/2 is a REXX utility designed to help a programmer produce a clean, professional looking program.

    BMT Micro: Tyra/2
    • Tyra/2 is an OS/2 config.sys editor. With this PM application you can easily edit and save changes to your config.sys file.

    BMT Micro: WarpCalc
    • The WarpCalc calculator package contains two scientific calculators, one for the command line (CLI) and one for the OS/2 Presentation Manager (GUI). Both versions share the same core capabilities.

    Brian Simpson's Home Page
    • Night Vision is a "planetarium" program for OS/2, and will display the heavens from any location on earth.

    BT&T Consumer Technology - Home of TaxDollars for OS/2 Warp
    • Founded in 1992, BT&T Consumer Technology is dedicated to delivering simple-to-use, intuitive personal software for the OS/2 operating system. TAXDOLLARS© has been the only native OS/2 personal tax software since 1993.

    BTSoftware European Shareware Registration and Distribution
    • HomePage Publisher (HPP).

    BTSoftware Resource HomePage
    • Misc OS/2 software.

    Bulletron Professional BBS Software
    • Bulletron contains unique features to support the corporate environment that are not found in other BBS software systems, and it has capacities beyond most microcomputer based systems.

    CadSoft Online: Home of the EAGLE Layout Editor
    • If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful and affordable printed circuit board design package that gets the job done, EAGLE is the number 1 choice!

    CD-ROM Manager/2 Home Page
    • CD-ROM Manager/2 is a program that allows you to adjust certain operating parameters of Plextor (R) CD-ROM drives.

    chez joerg
    • Misc OS/2 freeware.

    Chorus for OS/2
    • Chorus for OS/2 is the combined product of some of the best known and most talented software developers in the OS/2 community.

    Christians homepage - C.Langanke@TeamOS2.DE
    • Free OS/2 software written by him.

    Cirrus Technology Inc.
    • The answer to your Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 document imaging, jukebox management, and CD mastering needs.

    Clear & Simple, Inc.
    • Clear & Simple's mission is to simplify computing for the end-user computer market. Our products emphasize clearly written documentation that instructs all users, novice and advanced.

    CodeSmith's Amazing Xit 2.4
    • XIT (pronounced "exit") provides a one button click to many desktop operations, such as closing a window, displaying a task list, VIO, single and multiline edit field cut-and-paste, and a unique title bar roll-up function.

    CodeSmith's X-File
    • X-File, "The Open File Dialog Fixer", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the standard OS/2 microscopic "open/save as" file dialog. Nothing paranormal here - just real useful stuff.

    Computer Data Strategies, Inc.
    • Here you will find updated news about CDS as well as information about our Back Again/2 family of data protection products for OS/2.

    Computer Interface Corp.
    • Developer of OS/2 and Windows 95 Applications for the Home and Office.

    Coverting Microsoft WinHelp RTF to OS/2 IPF Files
    • Rtf2Ipf is a utility for converting Microsoft WinHelp Rich Text Format (RTF) files to OS/2 IPF files.

    • Here you can find software and tips'n'tricks for OS/2, one of the best operating systems ever.

    • CU-SeeMe is a video conferencing program originally developed for the MAC and the PC (Windows) platforms by Cornell University. It is a truely remarkable technology which lets you see live video transmissions over the internet.

    CYBERCOM Home Page
    • Check out information on AccuCount/2!! OS/2's first true 32bit, FULL FEATURED business management and accounting software!! They hope to make OS/2 users happy and Windows users DROOL over what they can never have!

    • Embellish, a phot-editing software product.

    Database engine, database server, structured storage, C C++ VB tools, TCP/IP
    • They have a cross-platform C++ databse engine.

    DataMirage Software
    • DataMirage Software is a leader personal communications applications market for OS/2. Their product, LiveWire Communications v3.21 for the Worplace Shell, also serves as a basic engine for products they are currently developing.

    DataRescue : Interactive Disassembler Pro - FLIRT Technology
    • Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology.

    DataRescue IDA Pro Page
    • IDA Pro is an Interactive DisAssembler that combines a powerful automatic analysis engine with the your brain to achieve outstanding results.

    DC210 Image Transfer Utility for OS/2 - Index
    • The DC210 Image Transfer Utility v1.8i for OS/2 allows images to be transfered from Kodak's DC210 camera to an OS/2-based computer. This transfer is supported with the standard serial port cable supplied with the camera.

    DCITU for OS/2
    • DCITU version 1.3n for OS/2 allows images to be transfered via serial port from digital cameras to an OS/2-based computer.

    DeScribe HTML Macros August 1996
    • These macros are a casual user's attempt to ease coding of HTML documents. He knows how to use DeScribe and he didn't want to learn a new software package to create Web pages.

    DeScribe Word Processor
    • Winner of OS/2 Magazine's Editor's Choice Award 1995, DeScribe Voyager CD provides 32-bit word processing power for OS/2, Windows 95, Windows NT and 16-bit Windows 3.1, all on one CD!

    dink's homepage
    • Misc OS/2 software.

    Document Finder 27.8
    • Welcome to the Document Finder 27.8 home page.

    Domain Reporter/2
    • Domain Reporter/2 is a native, full 32bit OS/2 application that gathers and displays information for an OS/2 LAN/Warp Server domain.

    Don's Launch Pad
    • Misc OS/2 software.

    DOOM for OS/2 + DIVE
    • DOOM for DIVE is an OS/2 native version, entirely developed with the EMX development kit (a freeware product, available in many ftp sites).

    DragText Homepage
    • DragText v2.0 lets you handle text in windows, files, and the clipboard as objects that can be copied, moved, saved or deleted using drag and drop.

    DreckBak Backup utility for OS/2
    • DreckBak is a very simple utility to make it easy to establish a backup strategy for your OS/2 machine.

    Drilling Billy
    • Northwind Soft proudly presents: Billy. An OS/2 game.

    E-SECURE Home Page
    • E-SECURE is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

    Eagen Software - Home Page
    • Eagen Software is a company specializing in OS/2 software development. WarpSpace, a VRML browser, is it's first product and is currently in development. WarpSpace will bring VRML to OS/2 and allow navigation of the Internet in virtual reality.

    EmTec Network Suite
    • Your Choice of Internet Tools for OS/2 * FTP * News * Gopher * Ping * Address Book *

    Extended Clipboard /2 V2.0
    • That's where EClip starts to work: old entries, which normally would get replaced, are saved automatically. So they don't get lost but can be made available to other applications with a single mouseclick. They even can be edited later with a doubleclick.

    EZLinkPM Product support page
    • EZLinkPM for OS/2 WARP 32-Bit Multi Threaded high performance GUI SLIP/PPP Dialer.

    F/X Communications
    • F/X Communications was founded in Denmark in 1996 by Bjarne Jensen.

    FA-Partners OS/2 Site
    • FA Partners is specialized in programming for IBM's OS/2.

    File Commander
    • File Commander is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner.

    File Freedom File Manager for OS/2 and Warp
    • File Freedom is a fast, very inexpensive, PM file manager with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface.

    File Hound for OS/2!
    • Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! On this site you will find oodles of information on that little program called File Hound for OS/2, a neat new way of managing your documents.

    ForeSpace Homepage
    • ForeSpace OS/2 is a modeller for generating POV-Ray files.

    Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
    • Fortify is a program that provides world-wide, unconditional, full strength 128-bit cryptography to users of Netscape Navigator (v3) and Communicator (v4).

    fPrint UK - Virtual Pascal for OS/2
    • Visual Pascal for OS/2. Super fast 32-bit optimised compiler.

    Fran's OS/2 page
    • It is a little graphic shell for the Presentation Manager that supplies the use of OS2SCAN from McAfee, intuitive and easy to use and moreover it is FREEWARE.

    • FreeType/2 (beta). Part of the FreeType Project.

    Frugal Software
    • Home of Lookout - Internet notifier for OS/2. Watches Web, FTP & Gopher sites, and tells you when something changes.

    Games for OS/2
    • Games for OS/2. Old games that we love to play. Easy to use at home or at desk.

    GAMESS Home Page
    • The General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System (GAMESS) is a general ab initio quantum chemistry package.

    GammaTech On-Line
    • GammaTech, Inc. has been developing OS/2 software since 1991.

    • GEAR for OS/2 Warp is the most comprehensive CD-Recording software package for professionals that utilize CD Recordable in Imaging, Document Storage , Mission Critical Archiving, Title Development,Prototyping, and Pre-master Testing.

    Gismo, Colors 4 HTML
    • Gismo is the unique color coordinating utility for those who uses editors to make html documents with various color RGB codes.

    GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools
    • GMT is a free, public-domain collection of ~50 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets.

    GNU Autoconf 2.10 for EMX
    • This port of Autoconf introduces a set of scripts and macro files able to build scripts that work well under OS/2 with EMX using all those wonderful ports of GNU utilities.

    GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
    • GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. Because it does not use IDEA or RSA it can be used without any restrictions. GnuPG is nearly in compliance with RFC2440 (OpenPGP).

    Gravis UltraSound/InterWave OS/2 drivers and UltiMOD HomePage
    • A native OS/2 modplayer for the Gravis UltraSound and DART. Gravis UltraSound/InterWave OS/2 drivers (the Manley drivers).

    GSOFT Networks
    • GSOFT has developed IBM/PC based Protocol Testers for SNA, TCP/IP and X.25, addressing the testing requirements of various SNA, TCP/IP and X.25 products.

    GUItek Home Page
    • Info Etc... Personal Information Manager using DB2 as the database engine. It will be initially released as Shareware for evaluation by the general public.

    Hacksaw for Windows 95/NT and OS/2
    • Innoval Systems Solutions Inc.

    heller page
    • This Web Page is related to Shareware Programs and Multimedia Programs.

    Henk's Homepage
    • This page is only created for the purpose of publishing some of my OS/2 tools.

    Hethmon Brothers
    • Hethmon Brothers has been in the business of developing Internet software since 1994. They specialize in server software with easy to use interfaces and the best support for their customers.

    • Ported to OS/2 Warp by Jostein Ullestad from the original DOS code by Raven and Activision.

    HFS utilities for DOS, Windows and OS/2
    • HFS is the "Hierarchical File System" used on modern Macintosh computers. hfsutils is a software package that permits manipulation of HFS volumes. This is a port of Robert Leslie's hfsutils package. It runs under DOS, Windows 95/NT and OS/2.

    HFS/2 - A Hierarchical File System Driver for OS/2
    • HFS/2 lets OS/2 users seamlessly read and write files on diskettes formatted with the Hierarchical File System, the file system used by Macintosh computers. With HFS/2, Macintosh diskettes can be used just as if they were regular diskettes.

    Home of CD Audio Dump/2, ISDN Watcher/2 and Customer Base/2
    • Here you find the latest release and beta versions of my own OS/2 shareware CD Audio Dump/2, ISDN Watcher/2, Scan It/2 and Customer Base/2 and some really hot links to other OS/2 related sites.

    Home of Olaf's PilotDesk/2
    • Writing an interface for the USR Pilot for OS/2.

    Home of PmNotes for OS/2 Warp
    • PmNotes is a new sticky note type of program for OS/2 Warp PM. Use it, and you'll never need to stick those ugly paper ones to the edges of your monitor again.

    Home of SwapMon
    • SwapMon - the only swapfile utility you need.

    Home of The Gurus
    • Errors in your HTML code? Broken links? Unknown tags? Dead files? Well, then check out CW3!

    Home Page of Dennis Bareis (OS/2 Developer in Australia)
    • Misc. OS/2 Software.

    Home Page: InterNotes Development Server
    • Welcome to the InterNotes Web Publisher Development Site.

    HomePage of J÷rg Desch
    • He has ported the software documentation program DOC++ to OS/2. If you are interested in this tool, just look at his DOC++ page.

    HomePage Publisher - Overview
    • HomePage Publisher (HPP) is a WYSIWYG Web Page Design tool for OS/2.

    HTML-Ed Home Page
    • HTML-Ed is a shareware editor for HTML code - the code that describes how a web page looks. HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language.
    • Details about Master of the Empire (MOTE) for OS/2! MOTE will be shipping in October 1997.
    • NetChat another GREAT OS/2 Program.
    • Misc OS/2 software
    • Simple string replacing utility and Simple directory replication scheduler - Status: in development; main functionality done.
    • This site is currently under construction. In the future this page'll contain links to OS/2 software developed by him(NTFS-OS2, VFAT-OS2, OS2Oberon etc.).
    • ConfigMaint/2 is a new FREE application which succeeds ConfigInfo by Rick Meigs. As ConfigInfo has some bugs and is no more maintained by Rick Meigs there was the need to build a new Config.sys analizer and information tool.
    • This program let's web browsers load graphic intensive pages faster by adding the WIDTH and HEIGHT arguments in the < img > tag.
    • "Single File Virus Check", also known as "Filecheq" is a presentation manager AddOn for the OS/2 version of IBM's famous anti virus toolkit "IBM AntiVirus".

    • SoundStudio 2 for OS/2 and SoundStudio 2.3 for Windows released.

    Infusion BBS Software
    • Welcome to the Infusion Bulletin Board Software Homepage. Infusion is shareware, but unlike many systems, you aren't required to register.

    Innovative Software Germany
    • Java and C++ related internet tools.

    Internet Adventurer - OS/2's premier Internet Suite
    • Internet Adventurer is an Internet Suite for OS/2, that takes care of all your Internet needs. It integrates WWW, FTP, Gopher, IRC, News, Mail, WebWatch and Telnet into one application - with the same easy to use interface for all functions.

    InterStream, Inc.
    • InterStream, Inc. based in Austin Texas, is a growing company specializing in multiple platform client/server and internet development, multimedia (MPEG, image manipulation), and object orientated systems.

    Irie Tools (Home of Irie Pascal)
    • This web site is the official home of Irie Pascal and is dedicated to its distribution and support. You should check this site regularly for the latest Irie Pascal news and updates.

    J&J Computer Consulting
    • Their goal is to bring high quality software products to the OS/2 market and other OS markets in the near future.

    J. Daniel Kulp's Home Page
    • Many different programming toolkits for Mesa and memory management, plus the SeaHaven Towers for OS/2 card game.

    Jan-Helge's Programmering stuff
    • Most of what you find here is OS/2 related, but some are related else-where..

    Jason F. McBrayer's Lynx Page
    • Lynx is a full-featured text-based browser for the World WideWeb. It runs on a variety of platforms including Unix, VMS, OS/2, DOS, Win32, and more.

    Java ALiVe! (Automated Link Verification)
    • It automatically pulls all of the http links out of your pages and verifies them for you. With ALiVe! it is possible to check sites with thousands of links in the background, all while you continue to do other work in the foreground.

    Jeff's Homepage - Welcome!
    • PmNotes & PmTimer for OS/2.

    Jess' Homepage
    • ALiVe! - The Java-based, Platform-Independant Link Verification system.

    JMA Software Technologies
    • Currently they have two shipping products for OS/2, WebNav and BootSet and many more products in beta.

    Keller Group: OS/2 fax software
    • Keller Group develops the popular OS/2 fax software products which are sold as FaxWorks Pro for OS/2 (TM Global Village Communication), Corporate PMfax (NiteHawk Enterprises) and other names.

    Kermit 95 for for Windows ® 95, Windows NT, and OS/2
    • Kermit 95 (K-95 for short) is a full-featured, fully native, 32-bit communications software package for Microsoft Windows© 95, Windows NT, and IBM OS/2 from the Kermit Project at Columbia University.

    Keyboard Plus
    • Keyboard Plus is an application program for OS/2 Warp 4 which provides extensive macro/hotkey support.

    Kon - An OS/2 PM text editor
    • Kon is a shareware PM text editor with hex-editing capabilities.

    Kon - an OS/2 text editor
    • Kon is a shareware PM text editor with hex-editing capabilities.

    KrazyDog Software
    • A few freeware and shareware programs for OS/2.

    KRT Pty. Ltd.
    • Misc. OS/2 Software.

    Larsen Commander
    • Larsen Commander is a classic file manager program, directly inspired by the great and famous Norton Commander for DOS (later also for OS/2 and Windows 95) and the great File Commander for OS/2.

    Linux ext2 file system support for OS/2 (EXT2-OS2) home page
    • EXT2-OS2 is a package that allows OS/2 to seamlessly access Linux ext2 formatted partitions from OS/2 as if they were standard OS/2 drive letters.

    LogiSoft AR Ltd. Home Page
    • Software Research and Engineering Company.

    Lotus SmartSuite OS/2 Warp
    • Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp provides you with the desktop productivity tools you need to work effectively as an individual and collaborate with other within your organization or around the world.

    Madbrain's Digital Sound & Music Interface/2
    • DSMI/2 is a sound interface for PC compatible computers running on IBM's Operating System /2.

    Maplay/2 1.3.5 homepage
    • Allows to playback ISO MPEG Audio layer III files with great quality. Some other formats including MPEG level I and level II are supported too.

    Maple Valley Software: Workplace Security
    • Workplace Security provides seamless object level security for the Workplace Shell. Workplace Security was developed using System Object Model (SOM) technology.

    Marco Maccaferri - Home Page
    • Internet Gate Version 1.10 - New and improved, Internet Gate 1.10 adds IRC chat, Domain Name Server service and automatic dialer to your ISP and LoraBBS.

    Matrix 1.3
    • Matrix is a OS/2 PM strategy shareware game. The game is easy to learn - like Tetris - but requires some brains - like Go.

    Matt Wagner's PsychoSemantic Software Home
    • As time permits, he plans to add information about IBM's OS/2, PsychoSemantic's products, and whatever else comes to mind.

    Maxxum Product 1 Data Sheet
    • Base32 was designed from the ground up for the power of OS/2 Warp. It allows new and legacy systems developed in xBase languages to be ported to the multi tasking, distributed application environment of a modern 32 bit operating system.

    Meridian Software - Welcome
    • Meridian is a software company dedicated to providing PC users with fast and reliable 32-bit applications. We design and write software for OS/2, Windows95, and X-Windows.

    MicroEMACS / uemacs Text Editor - Binaries, Executables, Manuals, and Documentation
    • MicroEMACS is a tool for creating and changing documents, programs, and other text files.

    MIDI At Warp Speed With OS/2
    • MIDI Station Sequencer(MSS) takes advantage of many of the technologies in OS/2 to provide a NATIVE full-featured sequencer.

    MIDIWAV the cool new Netscape plugin
    • Tired of the bleeps and bloops of your midi card. Then you need to turn your processor into a wave table. MIDWAV renders midi completely with your processor, then outputs the result using DART.

    Modular Dreams Incorporated
    • Modular Dreams Incorporated is a software publishing company specializing in painting and image processing software development.

    Mount Baker Software Home
    • Home of 'Money Tree' The Personal Finance Software of OS/2.

    MR/2 ICE Home Page
    • An Internet Email Client for OS/2 PM.

    MrED Homepage
    • MrED is a powerful shareware texteditor for programmers, currently availible for the platforms OS/2 PM and Microsoft Windows 95/NT4.0 (the latter is still in Beta stage).

    MSR Development Corporation
    • MSR Development Corporation, based in Encinitas, California, is a specialty software development and publishing company currently serving the OS/2 market with BackMaster and the MicroLearn Game Pack Volume II.

    My Little Web Page
    • Misc. OS/2 software. PGP for OS/2 GA, E-POP, and E-Secure.

    Neighborhood Business Services
    • Their first priority there, is to support the users of their OS/2 scientific and engineering data graphing program, LinePlot.

    NetLookout for OS/2 Home Page
    • NetLookout for OS/2 is best described as an internet notifier. It will watch Web, FTP and Gopher sites, and tell you if anything has changed.

    Newsbeat for OS/2 Homepage
    • Newsbeat for OS/2 is a PM, multithreaded USENET newsreader for OS/2.

    NewTerra Software Products
    • OS/2 users deserve high quality supported applications, written by people who will listen to their problems and adapt to their changing needs. NewTerra Software tries to maintain the highest quaility in all which we do.

    NFTP -- advanced ftp client for OS/2, Windows 95/NT, Linux, FreeBSD, SPARC Solaris, BeOS Intel
    • Advanced ftp client for OS/2.

    NFTP home page
    • NFTP is a text-mode ftp client for OS/2.

    Nick Knight's MR/2 Home Page
    • MR/2 ICE - A Full-Featured Internet Email Client for OS/2 PM. MR/2 Classic - A QWK-Compatible Offline Mail Reader for OS/2 Text Mode.

    • Pipes for NetRexx and Java implements a simple but very powerful piping methodology based on the one developed by John P. Hartmann of IBM.

    Nota Musica Homepage
    • Do you like music? Do you play an instrument, and even want to compose your melodies? Nota Musica will be a great help to realize your dreams.

    Now Enterprises-Developing for OS/2 using OpenGL
    • VRML/2 is shareware and is now available for download! With VRML/2 you now can view 3D worlds created using the Virtual Reality Markup Langauage (VRML) while running OS/2 Warp.

    Oberon Software, Inc.
    • Oberon Software, creator of the premier telecommunications program for OS/2, TE/2, has been specializing in OS/2 software, and only OS/2 software since 1990.

    Office View
    • The Tink SmartIcon Bars Flavored for All OS's and Word Pro Versions 96 & 97.

    ONG SoftWare - HomePage
    • ONG Software is a developer of quality OS/2 Software Tools designed to increase your productivity and efficiency without depleting your budget.

    OS/2 Games Developers' Group
    • The OS/2 Games Developers' Group is a group of OS/2 enthousiasts, who want to write OS/2 Games - but also to have fun, improve their programming skills or other skills, and maybe earn a little bit of money in the process.

    OS/2 Programs by Tom Almy
    • A bunch of freeware programs for OS/2.

    OS/2 Shareware by Don Hawkinson
    • PMStripper , Pastry Box, DH-Grep-PM and Command line Clipboard Access.

    OS/2 Software by Don Hawkinson
    • Misc shareware programs.

    OS/2 Warp applications by Alessandro Cantatore
    • OS/2 Warp applications written in C and REXX by Alessandro Cantatore.

    OS2 Software by Don Hawkinson
    • PMStripper: a PM utility to strip HTML codes from saved web pages. Pastry Box: a PM clipboard aid and CMD file generator. PREP: convert text chars to HTML character entities. UNH: a utility to strip HTML codes from saved web pages. DH-Grep-PM: PM GREP.

    Panacea Software
    • HTML Studio - HTML Development software for OS/2 Warp.

    Perez Computing Services (PCS), Home of the IPF Editor 2.1
    • Developers of quality OS/2 and DOS software including the IPF Editor and Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander for OS/2 Warp.

    Perfect Niche Software
    • The first general purpose labeling program designed from the ground up for OS/2.

    Peter Ganten's OS/2 Page
    • Ports from Unix to OS/2. On this page you can find and download programs and applications which he has compiled for XFree86/OS2.

    Petr Mikulik's OS/2 page
    • pmCSTeX for EPM are his macros + some other supporting files for the editor EPM (powerful editor for OS/2, which distributed together with the OS/2).

    Phoenix Software Home Page
    • Phoenix Software develops object database, knowledge management, and groupware/workflow products and solutions.

    • WarpZip, Enhanced E Editor, and ShowTime/2 for OS/2.

    PlanetWide OS/2 Web Server
    • Need a reliable HTTP server? Looking for fast 32-bit coding? Running on OS/2?

    PlusPak: B.U.G.S.
    • Bill's Unbelievable Ghastly Spaceships. An Action Game for OS/2.

    PM Fee / BKE Homepage
    • PM Fee is a Presentation Manager front end for McAfee's command line program : os2scan.exe.

    PM Patrol Home Page
    • M Patrol is high-performance Resource Management and Control Software for OS/2 2.1+, Warp 3.0, and Warp 4.0; Helping You Manage the Power of OS/2.

    pm123 - the best MPEG-audio player for OS/2!
    • pm123 is the latest development in the field of OS/2 MPEG-audio players. it uses mpg123 MPEG-audio decoder. it is a FREE, native Presentation Manager (PM) application.

    PmAs Homepage
    • PmAs does astronomical calculations and outputs the results as tables or graphics.

    PMView Home Page
    • This is the home page for PMView, a graphics file viewer for OS/2.

    POLAR TeamOS/2
    • Freeware PM interface for CCopy for OS/2.

    PowerQuest Corporation
    • PowerQuest Corporation is a privately held corporation located in Orem, Utah. Founded in 1993 by Eric J. Ruff, PowerQuest launched its premier product, PartitionMagic, in March 1995.

    Powersoft - Open Tools from Sybase, Inc.
    • Open Tools from Sybase, Inc.

    • On this site you will find shareware and freeware developed by members of PowerUtilities.

    PPPDIAL - REXX PPP Internet Access
    • PPPDIAL.CMD REXX Script for IBM's OS/2 Warp 3.0/4.0 Internet Access Kit.

    Practice Corporation - QuickMotion for OS/2
    • Gives your OS/2 system the power to play QuickTime and Windows-style AVI movies!

    Priority Master II for OS/2*
    • Trans-Warp Speed on Demand... with Priority Master II for OS/2 - Version 2.5!

    Products. RexxBOS, Rexx Library for OS/2
    • The RexxBOS library gives Rexx programs an ultimate control over the OS/2 control program, keyboard, mouse, and display devices previously available only to programs written in C, Pascal or Assembler.

    PSI: Psion Serial Interface
    • Now he has written a series of programs that perform tasks on the Psion from your OS/2 window just like you use to manipulate files on your harddisk.

    PVsoft - Home of FontFolder
    • FontFolder is a shareware native OS/2 Font Manager that allows you to easily use large collections of Type 1 fonts in OS/2 without bogging down the system or generating hopelessly long font selection lists in applications.

    QuickCam Viewer for OS/2
    • The QuickCam Viewer's native OS/2 support consists of a PM application, a device-driver, utility application and support DLLs.

    QuickMotion for OS/2
    • QuickMotion Version 2.0 has native OS/2 support for QuickTime Virtual Reality.

    QVision Home Page
    • Original Games from QVision and its developers. DOS, OS/2, Windows, Window/95 and Java games are available.

    RacerNet Home Page
    • RacerNet is a Hosts file manager. It makes the powerful capabilities of the Hosts file easy to use.

    Ratajik OS/2 Shareware
    • This site contains Shareware and Public domain software written by Greg Ratajik. That includes the original releases of the software, and some source-code releases of the programs.

    Real Time MIDI Subsystem for OS/2
    • The Real Time MIDI Subsystem (RTMIDI) has removed many of the limitations that existed in previous version of OS/2.

    REM Publications OS/2 Software
    • OS/2 Internet Software.

    Remote Services Management - PolyPM/2 - The Ultimate Remote Control & Network Management Solution
    • The Ultimate Cross-platform Remote Control & Network Management Solution.

    Revolutionary Software -- InterFTP for OS/2
    • InterFTP is a powerful presentation manager based FTP client for OS/2 that is feature rich and easy to use.

    Richard Hasty's OS/2 Apps Page
    • PMRemind, HamClock, and PD for OS/2.

    Ridax programutveckling - Home page
    • PM2You/OS2You and WIN2You Remote Control Programs.

    RXFile and RXDbase home page!
    • This class complements Mike Cowlishaw's NetRexx language, adding the precious Rexx I/O functions to it, but also gives you easy access to some Java-specific APIs which deal with files.

    Samuel Audet's Home Page
    • Misc. OS/2 software.

    SciTech Software, Inc.
    • SciTech Software is preparing to release OS/2 versions of SciTech Display Doctor and SciTech MGL.

    SCSI Audio Dump Page
    • This program should enable you to dump audio data from your audio CDs with SCSI CDROM drives.

    SearchManager/2 AddOn
    • The DLL is free (but of course you need SM/2 to use it).

    Semtex OS/2 Homepage
    • Semtex is a new OS/2 shareware game. The game is a clone of the really cool game called "Dynabuster" for the Atari.

    Sergey Ayukov
    • NFTP -- advanced textmode ftp client for OS/2.

    Sergio's Home Page
    • IPAD is the multiplatform front end to a special tool to be completed some time in the future. It currently provides most of the functionality of an interactive GUI vector drawing package, together with some bit mapped image handling.

    SFUtils: OS/2 Startup Folder Utilities
    • Do you have programs you want started every time you boot? If any of them need network drives, you need SFUtils!

    ShadowSoft Home Page
    • ShadowSoft Entertainment Software. ShadowSoft is a privately held company located in Missouri City, Texas (just outside of Houston).

    Shareware Music Machine
    • Welcome to the fastest growing music software site on the Net!

    SID, OS/2 Image Processing
    • SID is a shareware program to provide serious image processing to amateur and professional astronomers running OS/2.

    Simple Software Solutions Home Page
    • Load 32-Bit power in your applications with e_DB, their multi-platform embedded database engine available for Win16, Win32, OS/2, and Dos. Supported languages include C, C++, Visual Basic, and Java.

    SIO Support WWW Server
    • SIO is a set of "Serial Input Output" drivers and utilities for OS/2 authored by Ray Gwinn.

    Sitecopy 0.4.0 for OS/2 and Windows32
    • Sitecopy is for easily maintaining remote web sites.

    Smalled system editor
    • Smalled is a high powered very fast 32 bit multi threaded PM editor.

    Snow Storm Software
    • Many OS/2 related graphic programs.

    Snow Storm Software Products
    • OS/2 Warp OpenGL 3D Animated Screen Saver, Professional Scientific/Financial Programmable Calculator for OS/2 Warp, Voyager: VRML Viewer Netscape Plugin for OS/2 Warp.

    SofTouch Systems, Inc.
    • The Web Connection for Enterprise and Desktop Software Solutions.

    • FerretTronics has written software to help our customers send data to the FT639 Servo Controller Chip.

    Software Developers Guild - Homepage
    • SDG is a non-profit organization that aims to promote OS/2 by developing freeware and shareware applications.

    Sonoran Software Guild
    • Sonoran Software Guild was founded in 1997 to pursue software development opportunities in a world increasingly dominated by large applications which run on only one platform.

    • This program converts SOUP packages created by a SOUP mail client to Fidonet PKTs, and viceversa.

    SouthSoft, Inc.
    • The creators of PMMail and the soon to be releases PMINews.

    Spectre Software Support
    • To provide our clients with prompt, accurate, and impartial solutions to their specific needs, while maintaining the highest possible level of overall value.

    Spectre Software Support
    • To provide their clients with prompt, accurate, and impartial solutions to their specific needs, while maintaining the highest possible level of overall value.

    SpeedSoft - Speed-Pascal/2 and Sibyls home
    • Speed-Pascal/2, SP/2, is the first object oriented 32 Bit Pascal-Compiler, which is nearly Borland Pascal compatible.

    SpiceWare Home Page (we don't do windows, it's too much of a chore)
    • OS/2 Entertainment and Programming Information.

    • In Charge! Financial Management System, Sets a new standard for power, performance, ease-of-use and flexibility in managing your finances.

    Squid Internet Object Cache
    • Squid offers high performance proxy caching for Web clients, It supports FTP, Gopher, and HTTP requests.

    Star Division Online
    • Star Division's new license model makes StarOffice 5.0 on all platforms available for free for individual non-commercial use. NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD !

    Stardock Systems!
    • Stardock's company mission is to become the next generation supplier of general software. From consumer products for the entire family to mission critical corporate products.

    Stefans Homepage
    • Misc OS/2 software. WpsArcO( WPS Archive ), CfgSort( Config.sys Sorter )...

    Stellar Frontier Product Information
    • Stellar Frontier is a real-time multimedia networked game where one competes against other players around the world via the internet.

    Sundial Systems
    • Sundial Systems Corporation has long been associated with quality OS/2 software. Their products include Relish, Relish Net, Clearlook, DBExpert and Mesa 2.

    Super Pager
    • Pager software for OS/2.

    TCP/IP Portscanner V1.30
    • This software scans well known TCP/IP ports of one or more servers for active services.

    Technical Support Page
    • Technical Support Page of OS/2 Software written by Ralf Christen.

    Telegard BBS Software
    • Welcome To: The Official Telegard Web Site.

    Telvox Software Shop - English Version
    • It is possible to test the CODEC package for one of the 31 platforms in which is available.

    Test Page
    • He is at the final stages of a project he has started which is set to make major improvements into the look and feel of the OS/2 Warp desktop shell or WPS.

    The FREETYPE Project
    • The FreeType engine is a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine. It has been developed to provide TT support to a great variety of platforms and environments.

    The home of FileJet
    • Multiplatform filemanagers for NT, WIN95/98, OS2 and DOS.

    The homepage of bonk
    • To provide free software to the OS/2- and ghostscript-community.

    The Java-PalmPilot Connectivity Project
    • Welcome to The Java-PalmPilot Connectivity Project Homepage! The purpose of this project is to develop a full Java-based solution for communicating with the 3Com PalmPilot .

    The Jim Lewis OS/2 Web Page
    • Misc freeware programs.

    The Laughing Man
    • New version of POV-Panel/2 Beta.

    the ozone bbs! - web page
    • Music, programming, os/2 and bbs support.

    The Papo Home Page
    • Escriba, ISpeller, MemSize, Clock, WinBack, Recode, Hlp2Inf, Small, and JPEGV4A for OS/2.

    The Sslurp! Homepage
    • Sslurp! can retrieve Web pages from a HTTP (WWW) server.

    The Win32-OS/2 Project
    • The Win32-OS/2 Project is a collection of tools and DLL's that allow an end user to convert a Win32 (i.e. Win95/WinNT) program into a native OS/2 program, and then run that program under OS/2 without needing Windows or Win-OS/2 support installed.

    The word2x for OS2 hompage - Microsoft Word converter for OS/2 -
    • word2x (word-to-x) converts a Microsoft Word for Windows document (.DOC) to plain-text, HTML or LaTeX, preserving some layout features such as tables and lists.

    The XBomb Homepage
    • This is a version of the minesweeper game for X Windows.

    Theta Band Software
    • Theta Band Software specializes in OS/2 multimedia and internet products.

    TiMidity for OS/2
    • TiMidity is originally a UNIX program. It plays MIDI files entirely in software (except for final output, of course) and it does it with a much better quality then what is generated on the FM system that many sound cards have.

    Timur's Crystal Semiconductor and OS/2 Web Page
    • This page is designed to answer the question, "What is the best sound card for OS/2?" The answer is simple - any sound card with a Crystal Semiconductor codec.

    Tink's Homepage
    • The Official TinkBar Web Site.

    TrueSpectra Inc.
    • This site is here to assist you with information on the various TrueSpectra© products. TrueSpectra exists to produce the finest in graphics and graphics related software on all computer platforms.

    UCT Physics - Gnuplot for OS/2
    • Gnuplot for OS/2.

    Uncook uncook uncook uncook uncook the mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 files!
    • Do your MP3's sound as if they were recorded underwater?? Uncook them!!

    V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS/2
    • Welcome to Object Central, the home of the V C++ GUI Framework and The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming.

    • Free software written by Valera Veryazov.

    VILE - Vi Like Emacs
    • vile retains the "finger-feel", if you will, of vi, while adding the multiple buffer and multiple window features of emacs and other editors.

    Visual SlickEdit
    • Programmer editor.

    Visual Web - English
    • Visual Web - the economic way to surf the net.

    VyperHelp by MekTek
    • VyperHelp is a visual outliner and editor for creating online help for OS/2-based systems. It generates IPF files, which can be compiled into OS/2-based HLP and INF files.

    Warp Enhancer
    • Warp Enhancer is an exciting new tool designed to add much of the functionality every user wants but IBM did not include with OS/2.

    • WARPGLOBE is a program that he is developing. It puts an earthglobe on the desktop, and paints the cities with some OS/2 users. It also paints the light and dark zones produced by the sun.

    WarpSpeed Computers
    • The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2 operating system.

    WarSim by Steven Cadotte's Home Page
    • WarSim is an OS/2 PM turn based feudal war game. In WarSim 1 to 4 players battle the computer and each other for control of all the counties of the map.

    • his WaterGate is a message processing system designed to handle netmail and echomail in FidoNet Technology (FTN) format and Internet email and Usenet news in UUCP format.

    WebDock Forum Software Page
    • ??? Not sure what it is but it is written completely in REXX ; )

    WebMirror - WWW Mirroring and Caching Tool
    • Marco Maccaferri Software Development. WebMirror/LoraBBS

    Welcome to Advanced Web Writer for OS/2
    • Welcome to Advanced Web Writer for OS/2, as this is a (beter than) semifunctional beta, it is free.

    Welcome to!
    • NFTP -- advanced FTP client (OS/2, Windows, Unixes, BeOS Intel) .

    Welcome to Cyranex Corporation
    • Here you will find sales, support, and technical information on their EZRAID for OS/2 family of storage products, as well as information on their professional services division.

    Welcome To DevTech!
    • DevTech is a software development and consulting company.

    Welcome to NeoN!
    • Neon Graphix for OS/2.

    Welcome to Pinnacle Technology, Inc.
    • Pinnacle Technology, Inc. was founded in 1992 to bring four critical functions to OS/2.

    Welcome to PKWARE® Inc.
    • The data compression experts.

    Welcome to SciFace Software
    • SciFace will be responsible for distributing and supporting the commercial versions of MuPAD from Version 1.4 on.

    Welcome to Sektor Technologies!
    • We here at SekTor Technologies provide programming services in HTML, REXX, VisPro/REXX, Visual Basic for OS/2 as well as Windows.

    Welcome to Solution Technology
    • Welcome to Solution Technology the home for TWAIN for OS/2, BarCode Anywhere, Image Edition for OS/2, Genie Forms Reading for OS/2, Applause Image Utility, Review Personal Image dition, Textflow Batch OCR for OS/2, and other high performance products.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of MaxBase
    • A simple database class that allows you to work with ASCII-based, ISAM-indexed databases. It also comes with MaxBase, a graphical (AWT-based) application that manages databases and database contents.

    Welcome to TMT: makers of pascal compilers for DOS and OS/2
    • The makers of pascal compilers for DOS and OS/2.

    Welcome to Unify Corporation
    • Unify Corporation develops, markets and supports advanced application development environments for the development, deployment and management of high-end, business-critical client/server applications for intranets and the Internet.

    Welcome to WebDock
    • The WebDock Shopping Cart is a fully functional easy to use Internet shopping system that integrates easily into your HTML documents. Merchandise data is maintained in a severside database file containing all your product information for easy updates.

    Welcome to WORKLab
    • WORKLab is a software company based in Munich which specializes in producing software solutions for a wide range of industries and customers.

    • WarpTris Home Page!

    Whack-A-Mole for OS/2
    • PsychoSemantic's first software offering is Whack-A-Mole for OS/2.

    What's up at Prominare?
    • Prominare Design Studio for software development.

    WNL Home Page
    • Westec Networks specialize in backup, storage and communications products for PC's.

    Worm's cave
    • Misc OS/2 software.

    WWW Homepage Access Counter
    • WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock!

    XaoS - Real-Time Fractal Zoomer
    • XaoS is a fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer. It displays the Mandelbrot set (among other escape time fractals) and allows you zoom smoothly into the fractal.

    XFree86(TM): Home Page
    • Welcome to the The XFree86 Project, Inc WWW server.

    XFree86/OS2 Available Ported Software
    • The idea of this page is, to list the publicly available software which was natively compiled with the programmers toolkit (or later) that is in the distribution.

    XFree86/OS2 project
    • This project was his personal idea quite some time ago: to port XFree86, the free and optimized X11R6 implementation to OS/2.

    Xlogic Inc. Home Page
    • Welcome to RoadKILL. The first (as far as they know) NATIVE-OS/2-action-driving-and-shooting-the-crap-out-of-everything game. They're talking 32bit multithreaded action.

    Yuri Home Page
    • Misc. software for OS/2.

    ZOC, EmTec's Superior Modem/Telnet Program
    • The Superior Modem and Telnet Program for OS/2, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95.

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