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    #OS/2 Homepage
    • The Internet Relay Chat #OS/2 homepage!

    [ OS/2 search engine]
    • is a forum for developers dedicated to the OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE scene. Primarily a site for OS/2 OS.

    Aaron Williams' Home Page
    • Misc OS/2 stuff.

    Alex Chapman - OS/2 Home Page
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Aris Routis' Home Page on OS/2
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Bienvenue chez Luc
    • Sorry, I don't read that language, so no info.

    Bluefeather Technology
    • Misc. OS/2 and Internet releated stuff.

    Carsten Müller's Warphouse
    • Misc OS/2 stuff.

    Chauvet & Company's Warp City Web Site
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Chemistry and OS/2
    • This page is an attempt to show the different programs available to the OS/2 using chemist.

    Christoph Bratschi's Homepage
    • His offer is especially for OS/2 users and for they who want it to be in future.

    ClubOS/2 - Home Page
    • Sorry, I don't read that language, so no info.

    Colin's OS/2 DES Challenge Page
    • This page is devoted to using OS/2 to help with the DES Challenge brute force attack on the RSA Secret-Key Challenge.

    Desktop Communications Web Site
    • The OS/2 Computer Publishing Platform.

    EADeans Home Page
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    ERA Computer Consulting Main Page
    • Your source for PC's, Hardware, Software and Support These pages designed on the IBM OS/2 Warp 4 Operating System.

    Euxx | Object Desktop Features Voting Form
    • This is Unofficial Object Desktop features voting form. If you have any ideas or interest for new OD features, please complete voting form. Also you may add any OD comments to form.

    FORTRESS Ominor
    • This dark domain, an environment so completely alien and inimical to human life, it defies imagination. As does its single occupant.....John Ominor, The Inhuman.

    • As a team, they are working for a long-term solution that will put an end to MSFT's exclusive distributorship with the PC makers such as Compaq, Dell, Gateway etc..

    Gary L. Robinson Web Page
    • Gary L. Robinson's OS/2 Utilities & Programs.

    Home Page
    • @Macarlo's Shareware & Web OS/2 Development.

    Homepage David van Enckevort
    • Misc. OS/2 stuff.

    Homepage of Steffen Siebert
    • You'll find here some information on him, his interests and the programs he's written. Since the one and only operating system for him is OS/2, don't be surprised to find most things here related to OS/2.

    IDK, Inc. Home Page
    • IDK, Inc. specializes in custom software design and consulting.

    ILink Int'l Echomail Network's Homepage
    • ILink began in February of 1986 with a small group of sysops, an innovative programmer (Mark Herring, who invented the QWK format), and a single conference.

    • IRC Clients, Scripts and Daemon.

    Jeff Pasnak
    • This homepage will be an ongoing effort over the next 6 months while he is overseas. The general concept is to provide access to the OS/2 family of products to users in Saskatchewan.

    Judy's Warped World
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Kevin Royalty's Home Page
    • These pages currently only shows his OS/2 expertise.

    Knud Berggreen's HomePage
    • Misc. OS/2 stuff, not my language, sorry.

    LifeData Resources' OS/2 Support Page
    • Misc OS/2 Stuff.

    MattiP's /tmp/
    • This is a page that he's made for his friends and others who are using OS/2 to share news and software which he's found on the Internet.

    Nyhetsbrevet Nebula - alltid gratis!
    • Sorry, I don't read that language, so no info.

    OS/2 "Must-Have" Utilities and FTP Links

    OS/2 Forum Austria Home Page
    • Sorry do not speak that language.

    OS/2 GUILD
    • The OS/2 Guild is dedicated to the further developement and implementation of OS/2 in general. It is a place to which OS/2 users and even those interested in OS/2 can come and find related information on the information superhighway.

    OS/2 Information Center
    • This WWW-Server is still under construction, but they are sure that you will find the information offered there useful and interesting.

    OS/2 Junction, the personal website of Patrick G Horneker
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    OS/2 News and Rumors
    • News and rumors about OS/2 Warp.

    OS/2 Specific Files, Links and Such
    • Misc OS/2 stuff...

    OS/2 The Alternative
    • Misc OS/2 Info.

    OS/2 Warp Heaven
    • At SolairWeb OnLine, they know that OS/2 is the OS by which all others must be judged and they strive to provide help, software and useful information to the OS/2 community.

    OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
    • Misc information about OS/2.

    OS2 Mall
    • OS2Mall is charting a new experience in OS/2. This site is dedicated to a full exposure in the realm of OS/2'ism.
    • is just beginning; founded in and for a few days available in two languages. We try to bring you up-to-date information about 'our' operating system. The software we use and add-ins are also shown.

    Paul Ratcliffe's Home Page
    • These pages carry information on the software he uses and writes, and links to other Web pages he has found to be of interest.

    Prophet's Cyberspace HQ!
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    • Sorry, I don't read that language, so no info.

    Rat's OS/2 Palace
    • Misc... OS/2 Stuff.

    Rat's Warped Web Page
    • Personal reviews of some OS/2 software. Rumors and upcoming OS/2 events. Information about OS/2 or IBM in general.

    RokNroB's Electrons
    • Misc OS/2 Networking information.

    Ron and Angela's Home Page
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Ron's Warped World!
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Sandy Seeds Net Notes Homepage
    • Reviews on OS/2 Software.

    Shareware and Programming-Tips for OS/2
    • Useful OS/2 programs and tips.

    ShyGuy's OS/2 site
    • Misc. information about OS/2.

    Stéphane's OS/2 Web Site - Index
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    The 13th Floor Index Page
    • Misc... OS/2 stuff.

    The 13th Floor--The OS/2 Alternative
    • Listing of OS/2 applications to replace the Windows counterpart.

    The Jeff Jackowski page
    • Misc OS/2 info...

    The Larsen Page
    • Misc OS/2 stuff.

    The OS/2 Benchmark Centre
    • It is a chance for OS/2 users around the world to compare their hardware with other users.

    The OS/2 Feel-Good Page
    • He is trying to make a personal statement in favor of OS/2 -- not by pointing out the strengths in its design, but by pointing out what he thinks is really important when using a computer and why for him OS/2 is the best tool for these needs.

    The OS/2 Netlabs - Welcome
    • In the future the whole OS/2 programming power can gather on these pages in order to create freeware-programs in the style of the GNU-project under Linux and OS/2.

    The OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem
    • The OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem, or RTMIDI, provides support for sending and receiving MIDI messages and processing them in real-time.

    The RC5 Team Warped Page
    • This page is devoted to using OS/2 to help with the Bovine brute force attack on the RC5-56-bit RSA Secret-Key Challenge.

    The Unofficial Unauthorized Columbia University OS/2 Homepage
    • I have set up this Web page to help promote the use of OS/2 on the Columbia campus.

    The WARP Experience
    • This is his homepage dedicated to his (and others) experiences with Warp 4.

    The Warped Code Cellar
    • Welcome to -- The Warped Code Cellar -- a site primarly dedicated to OS/2 Applications.

    The Warped Site - Homepage
    • This site is hosted by Luc Van Bogaert and Sylvie Rixhon for the general benefit of our fellow OS/2 Warp home users and enthusiasts around the world...

    Timur Tabi's Guide for New and Potential OS/2 Users
    • Timur Tabi's Guide for all OS/2 users - beginners, experts, and especially those who are just curious about OS/2.

    Tobias OS/2 Page
    • Misc OS/2 stuff, in German.

    Todd and Marla's Pitiful Home
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Todd's OS/2 Page
    • The Unofficial University of Oregon OS/2 Homepage.

    Toosoft's Hemsida
    • Sorry, I don't read that language, so no info.

    Trace Homepage
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    User Information
    • FAQ's, links and some other good OS/2 related stuff.

    Viper OS/2 Page: Main Index
    • Misc... information and stuff about OS/2.

    Warp Power
    • This site is under reconstruction, he would like to create a site that can be usefull to you and other OS/2 users.

    Warp X - The future with OS/2 Warp.
    • Welcome to a highly unofficial page with rumors of the future for OS/2 Warp.

    Warp Xperience
    • In this site you'll find his favorite programs and his experience with then, know where to get the best shareware and buy full-versions online. He does not own the truth, but want to share his OS/2 experiences.

    Warpguru's home page
    • Misc OS/2 Info...

    • WebWorks is based in Canberra, Australia and specialises in helping organisations to maximise the return on their investment in Internet/Intranet technology.

    Welcome to Aris Routis Home Page!
    • Windows users have my sympathy!

    Welcome to my art gallery!
    • Some art with a positive OS/2 message.

    Welcome to Russian Underground/2
    • Russian Underground/2 OS/2 site.

    World Of OS/2
    • He offer you links to many of the more popular OS/2 links, as well as some that are obscure.

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